Feb. 18th, 2011

aflaminghalo: (Default)
I swear to God the comicboy can read my mind. I spent the morning happily ignoring my reality for the pleasures of daydreaming about Henry Rollins, and at lunch he sends me a text telling me to buy this from him.

And then I asked him worrying questions about the level of "gay" in it.*

(A while ago we had a controversy when he used "gay" as a perjorative. I did not approve. He since tried to make this up to me and prove his acceptance of gay people by attempting to bond with me over boys. This slightly amused me, until the guy who works for him joined me in making fun of him by telling me he'd grind D. And D became what can only be called massively uncomfortable and worried that his seat in the corner put him at a tactical disadvantage should we decide to raise the stakes. Which of course only amused us more. He no longer attempts to bond with me over boys.)
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