May. 2nd, 2011

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I am getting really worried about the dog. We've been having a hard time getting her bloods balanced - meaning she spends a lot of time being hypergylcaemic. She's lost a lot of weight in a relatively short period of time, and I'm scared that the worst might happen if we can't get it sorted.

Her behaviour is great, but her arse is getting bonier and bonier. I don't want her to be fat again, but I don't want her to waste away.
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Just been out to walk the dog - we took the Liverpool Rd route; just outside the entrance to the park was a rapid response ambulance, a polivce car, a kid in the road covered in a blanket (alive), two men stood by a red car looking absolutely shell-shocked and a tonne of onlookers.

I don't even need to be a CSI to piece together what happened. The kids were playing about on the BMX trackl part of the park and started messing too close to the road, and the guys took the hilly part of the road too fast (almost impossible, it seems, for most people to resist doing on nice days) and drove straight on into the kid.
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Other than knowing your animal is in pain and being unable to do anything about it, not knowing whether your animals is in pain and not being able to do anything about it is unbearable.

Her bloods refuse to stabilise, she has an eye infection that is being a bugger about clearing up, and due to the first she keeps losting weight. Sometimes she is like a puppy, and sometimes she is like a little old lady.

On the upside, now we've given her a human bowl to eat from, she's finishing her dinner. Which isn't much but it's something.
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