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[ profile] mingsmommy asked:

1. Would you rather lose your sight or your hearing?
This is a hard one for me because while I'm not missing any, I do have glitches with nearly all of my senses - I'm shortsighted, have trouble with my ears, hayfever messes my sense of taste and smell up every summer and I have a thing that makes the nerves on my left side do their own thing. I was always pretty sensory but now I cling to everything I've got. It's nothing major, but it's still more than I like.
If I'm tied to a mad scientists table though, and he's going to take one... take my sight. Being able to see without being able to hear what's going on is like living behind glass. Sound without sight is still capable of making me feel connected to the world.

2. What do you consider humanity's greatest gift?
Our curiousity. Without it, we'd still be living in caves waiting for lightening. Everything beautiful, noble and inspiring that's come out of us has been a product of the words "how" and "why".

3. You are so brilliant. Your writing is incredible and I miss reading it. Did you ever think about writing a novel (beyond NaNo)? What would it be?
~dies of embarassment~
I haven't been very strong for a while, so while I've wanted to write, I haven't. This is changing so it's possible that the novel will happen. (Anything's possible, right ;) ) I have a couple of parts of outlines that I've been making slow progress with and maybe will be able to make something with. They're werewolf/vampire stories because I that's what I read and love.

4. There is darkness within each of you think that's something the majority of people hide from or do you think it's something we use to feel compassion for our fellows? Why?
Oof. That's a tough one. Ultimately, I think that we enjoy flirting with our darksides, and enjoy thinking about the other person having a darkside (which is why crime shows are popular and people are fascinated with serial killers) but I think that we tend towards judging people for theirs rather than using it to feel closer to them. We like to think of it as something the other guy has rather than a core part of the human psyche. Did this make even sense?

5. What thing about you do you consider quintessentially British?
My teeth, and near constant impulse to insult the French . I do drink a lot of tea ;)
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