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Just searching amazon for a 2010 calander and found this

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If I have to see this, you all have to see this.

(or how i learnt to stop worrying and love the timewar )

I used to really love Jo too, but now I'll never be able to look at a Dalek without wondering what other attachments it has hidden away...


Boo hoo

Dec. 7th, 2003 01:00 pm
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My body craves eggs. So I give it eggs. Big mistake. :(

My body craves carbs. So I give it carbs, well, ok pizza, I sleep for about 12 hours and still feel like shit.

My back muscles feel like they have pins holding the lower bits of it together.

My belly feels all watery and sad.

And my ovaries feel like they are blooming inside me, and the petals are made up of glass shards.

I hate menstruation. I'm full of blood, like a little blister and i can't even enjoy it. :(

I may even have a cry later.

Because sometimes I just have to.


Nov. 26th, 2003 05:25 pm
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I just sat down on the sofa too fast and beaned myself on the overhang of the sill. I almost took the top of my head off.

Theres no blood but i doubt I'll be doing that again... :(
~knocks wood~

And now I have a curious craving for some white bread. Specifically white bread soldiers and boiled eggs. Brown bread just is no good for those.
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Oh my.

Crash Holly is dead.

(wrestler for the ignorant on my friends list)

He was so young too. 32

Wrestling takes so many young.

Man, I am actually very sad over that. I hope his daughter gets taken care of..

Hmm, I'd say I'd light a candle for them, but after last weeks adventure, maybe just a prayer..
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Well, attempted fun last night.

Took a while, but it happened.

Looks like I wasn't the only one upset. I hate eclipses, they mess everything up.
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Dcotors it shall have to be then.

My breathing is better, but i keep getting dizzy spells when stood up. And my glands are so swollen I feel like I'm smuggling kinder eggs in my throat, which incidentally is a lovely shade of aggravated red.

Swollowing is also a thing of fantasies...

grr, i want to go home and go to sleep, but i have no bedroom at home, cause of my stupid sister and the slow ass work men, and the one here is just ick still.
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My Dad and sister went down to Manc earlier, and helped me clean the worst up, it looks MUCH better now. My dads going to come back down next weekend to finish washing the worst of the black off the ceiling, and my sister has decided that the week after next she'll come down and help me re paint my room so it'll be good as new.

Actually it'll probably be better..

Its only hurting a little , very little to breathe deeply so if that not cleared itself up soon I'll visit the Doc, and I'm not coughing up any black stuff.

Which is a relief.

I've come home with my family to use their superior washing facilites on all the smoky stuff that needs a good washing, and to do some reading in the warm..

and eat their food, but them, my dad is a much better cook than me. Sunday roast....mmmm
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So had this can of coke.

And I was saving it for tonight, for a reward for being so good about it all the rest of the week. And I put it in the freezer, to make it icy, as per the recommendation.

And then I have a nap. I also have a frozen solid block of coke.
I hate life at times. I really do.

Oh how the gods mock...
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