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Eating chow mein with chips and a doughnut and a can of proper dr pepper (I can no longer drink full sugar pop as it knocks me on my ass) and going to bed on the couch seems to result in the only spot of lucid dreaming I have ever managed.

I was riding on a school bus (american style but steampunked) with some lj people (the deal where you know who they are...) and was really depressed because I had mucked something up and as we were riding out home we were passing over some bridges and roads that took up past a sea that ran into a river.

And out of the sea and up the river where a load of old men surfing. And the surfboards were being pulled by dolphins. Everyone was totally into this, because face it, it would be ace to see. Eventually though I turned into an Eeyore, asking "What are we even so excited for? It's not like they're doing anything cool." And when questioned, I responded "Like wearing brightly coloured top-hats".

The men had disappeared by then, but after I said that, they came back and were all wearing brightly coloured top hats.

And then I woke up because it's cold on the couch.

Never affected a dream before either. Pretty cool, I have the deepest envy for anyone who can lucid dream.
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Another flying dream last night. I'm starting to get concerned. Mainly because for years I classed myself as never having dreams about flying and then I realised that all those cracked up dreams where I'm doing a Mary Poppins and clinging for my life onto umbrella from hell where actually just those.

It also explains why I get adrenaline rushes whenever a gust of wind catches my umbrella.

Anyway, it flew me around to this office where I had an amazing job I wasn't qualified for but had anyway (regular dream happening these days), over Warrington and landed me into my neighbours back yard where I had to climb the fence to get home.

One good thing though is that I had been having a string of dreams that all "felt" the same, and it was starting to freak me out at bedtime. But this one was completely alt. Which makes me feel a whole lot better about sleeping and a whole lot less "omg one day you're just going to disappear into this reality and never wake up!"
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