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Dear Internet,

Letting me see this was cruel. I mean obviously I knew the man had been young once and if I could stop staring at this image and thinking oh momma I could probably finish my complaint in a coherant manner.

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Bad Things About Monday

♣ Not being in Berlin.

♣ Being late for the J Mascis and the Fog Gig.

♣ Having to leave the gig at 11 to get the last train.

♣ Having to walk away hearing everyone else cheering the band back on.

♣ Missing the last train home. Actually, getting to the bottom step just in time to watch it leave.

Good Things About Monday

♣ J. J. J. J being amazing and God and just omg.

♣ The rhythm section - "The Fog" - Dave Schools and Kyle Spence. Kyle Spence is totally cute and the drummer. Who even knew that was possible? Either way, they were tight and sweet. Lots of lovely little bass embellishments I've never heard/picked up on the cd's.

♣ The keycode on the "dressing room" not wanting to play and keeping everyone on the outside. Highly amusing watching grown men trying to kick a door in.

♣ That despite leaving late I still managed to catch the end of the opening act, and they were good. Just need to find out their name now.

♣ The way, when J would kick a switch, it felt like I was being driven over a hill too fast. Never ever had that happen at a gig before. Insane.

♣ Getting right in front of J being surprisingly (or not so, it's not a push to imagine most of the crowd were smarter than me) easy. 6 foot away from God. His arms actually are that nice. But his hands are amazing. He doesn't make it look easy, which would be forgiveable, he makes it look obvious, for which he is a rat bastard.

♣ the lung
blowing it
everybody lets me down
so what else is new
the wagon
and the others I can't remember.
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Director Sam Mendes is desperate to turn cult comic book Preacher into a movie - if only he could find the perfect script.

The American Beauty filmmaker was rumoured to be working on bringing the graphic novel to the big screen, but he admits the project is, for now, just a dream. )


To put this out where I can see it, it's just cruel.
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♣ Don't think my contract is going to be extended. Diana is going on holiday on tuesday for 3 1/2 weeks and hasn't spoken of it since. I'm not really bothered, I just would have prefered her not to say anything until they'd made a decision one way or the other.

♣ And we have moved back down to reception again. I shall have to wait out the last of my contract Markless. He really is such a pretty pretty man. I am 90% sure he's gay and taken though.

♣ New York is happening, we are all booked at getting it finalised. Nice thing is, now I can start buying my dollars while the excange rate is so wonderfully low.

♣ Actually, I did go and get £60 worth of dollars at the Post Office ($115) and the woman asked me if I was going on a college trip there. Which pleased me.

♣ My head hurts, I missed the piercing shop by about 20 minutes (damn you late running hairdressers/rain/bus/traffic combo) and I have nothing to do tonight even though I want to. So I made a community. [ profile] sparksandsnikts It's a Wolverine/Jubilee comm. I'm getting back to my fandom roots.

♣ The tagline on my lj is "like a heartbeat baby, trying to wake up", I keep thinking about it. I'm not even trying anymore. I lack any mechanism for self-starting. I need to move out, I need to get a proper job, I need to get my head fixed, I need to just sort myself out in the most basic of ways. And I don't know how and it freaks me out. Any advise oh wonderful oracles of the lj lands? I just want to be a real live boy...

fan geekery

Jul. 2nd, 2007 01:23 am
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That Dr Who meme.

When you see this post, quote from Doctor Who on your LJ.

Rose: Can't you change back?
The Doctor: Do you want me to?
Rose: Yeah.
The Doctor: Oh...
Rose: Well, can you?
The Doctor: No.

-10 and Rose.

And how badly was I crying at the end of Dr Who on saturday. I blame Hot Fuzz for radically altering my death scene filters and the fact I watched the Doomsday repeat before it. That one always makes me cry in a way that is completely divorced from dignity.

Oh Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. You cannot come too soon.
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Title: Incubus Succubus
Author: aflaminghalo
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Set between Danny getting Nick the hell out of Dodge, and watching him roll back in on his horse.
Notes: Angsty, creepy, dark with a trace of smut. Because my mecha porn opus is taking it's sweet time :( Also, apologies for the non-betaedness, this is the first thing I've finished in about 6 months.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. But perhaps one day, Nick Frost.

This night has opened my eyes And i will never sleep again )
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[ profile] count_libido is a happy man, he gets to go in to work and tell them he spent his bank holiday in the service of a much younger woman. :p

OK, letting me mooch off his mad phat driving skillz, but yanno...

SPIDERMAN feels kind of bloated. And not the sexy bloat of a recent corpse, but the pms-y slow you down, makes you cry and your pants not fit bloat. Half an hour cut out of it would have made it much sleeker and sharper without losing any necessary info. That said for spoiler )

Despite the schmaltz of the beginning, I do love it. Stan Lee cameo'ing ("Nuff said), Venom looking shit scary, the Sandman making me dizzy. The CGI was awesome, the fights were awesome.
And poor poor Bruce Campbell. He was so hot! Why God, why!? Now he looks like he is morphing slowly into a shorter John Cleese. ~moop~

Also, I have the same phone as Mary Jane. Moreso, if you count the fact that she is entirely fictional and I am only partly so.

And the fangirl piece of my brain that never turns off found herself pondering the politics of being a superhero.
The fights are happening, you might die, heavy fucking machinery is being thrown around and... a load of fuck-witted civilians are watching you from a not so safe distance. And they've brought the kids. To watch people get twatted and possibly die. And they're not even covering their eyes.
I don't even know why that bothers me. Probably the same thing that makes me wonder if tv does desensitize. Would living in a city with superheros running around desensitize you more? Would you be more likely to wander past an accident or rape or mugging because you know there's someone there to clean up the mess?
Would they inspire you towards the better parts of our nature, or just towards apathy?
I need to think more about that. It's clumpy in my brain, but there's an actual thought in there and not just ramblage, I swear.

Also, I must delete the search term "Gibson Les Paul" from my e-bay vocabulary. It makes me a danger to my bank balance. The main problem for me is that playing a les paul is like making love to a beautiful woman... all curves and addicting.
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"In a sign of the growing importance of DVD sales to Hollywood, 20th Century Fox is considering a plan to resume production of Family Guy, a sometimes crude animated comedy that the Fox network took off the air more than 18 months ago.

As many as 35 new episodes could return in January 2005, marking the first time that a canceled series has been revived based on strong DVD demand and ratings in syndication.
Read more... )
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Oh, and before I forget.

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


Some bits, I liked (Stuart Townsend), but the lack of character building, the jumpy plot lines and the fact that whoever was writing the screenplay, well, just probably shouldn't.

But it has explosions, stuart townsed, a big ass submarine, stuart townsend, a vampire, stuart townsend and explosions.

I might get the dvd (stuart townsend with pause possibilities..) but I'll probably just go buy the graphic novels first. because I know that Alan Moore is a better writer than whoever did the screen play.

(And I now hope to god that he didn't do it, in which case I'll then be more specific and say that he writes better comics than he does screenplays)

"What are you??"
"I'm complicated.."
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