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♣ Here is the working of a healthy mind: You watch Cold Case.

Here is the working of my mind: You watch Cold Case and note in the back of your mind that Jeremy Ratchford played Banshee in the Generation X made for tv movie. You note that he was pretty hot in 1996.

Then you note that one of Cold Cases ex producers is called Sean Cassidy and let out an unfortunately pitched Geek Shreik. At 2.20 in the morning.

I need a job, my little grey cells are starting to conspire against me. Also, I need for agencies to not ring me and ask me to work that afternoon and the day after in a place I have no way of getting to. That's just cruel. And taunting.

♣ Does anyone on my fl do volunteer work? I figure I have a lot of spare time right now I might as well do something useful with it. Anyone have any experiences/advice they could share?

♣ Now I really want to watch Gen X. It's my favourite of all the superhero movies. It knows what it is and doesn't try to be better and damn it if I don't love it for that.

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Jul. 2nd, 2007 01:23 am
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That Dr Who meme.

When you see this post, quote from Doctor Who on your LJ.

Rose: Can't you change back?
The Doctor: Do you want me to?
Rose: Yeah.
The Doctor: Oh...
Rose: Well, can you?
The Doctor: No.

-10 and Rose.

And how badly was I crying at the end of Dr Who on saturday. I blame Hot Fuzz for radically altering my death scene filters and the fact I watched the Doomsday repeat before it. That one always makes me cry in a way that is completely divorced from dignity.

Oh Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. You cannot come too soon.
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Dread Cthulu will one day awaken,
The Elders assure me that's true,
And when he does he will be hungry,
And have to eat all of you.

He lies in a watery silence,
At R'lyeh, his throne and his tomb,
He grins as he dreams of many dark things,
And his Ascension Day dinner menu.

I don't worship the Great One for glory,
Or women, or power or fun,
Please don't think me morbid or mentally disordered,
I'm just looking out for number one.

Cthulu is not one for manners,
He will not say please or thank you
But with fangs he'll descend and with tentacle rend
anything he thinks will make good food.

Terror will spread like a fever,
When Great Cthulu returns to the Earth,
The best you can do is to praise him like I do,
And hope it gets you eaten first.

yes, there is something very wrong with me.
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Title: Incubus Succubus
Author: aflaminghalo
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Set between Danny getting Nick the hell out of Dodge, and watching him roll back in on his horse.
Notes: Angsty, creepy, dark with a trace of smut. Because my mecha porn opus is taking it's sweet time :( Also, apologies for the non-betaedness, this is the first thing I've finished in about 6 months.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. But perhaps one day, Nick Frost.

This night has opened my eyes And i will never sleep again )
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[ profile] count_libido is a happy man, he gets to go in to work and tell them he spent his bank holiday in the service of a much younger woman. :p

OK, letting me mooch off his mad phat driving skillz, but yanno...

SPIDERMAN feels kind of bloated. And not the sexy bloat of a recent corpse, but the pms-y slow you down, makes you cry and your pants not fit bloat. Half an hour cut out of it would have made it much sleeker and sharper without losing any necessary info. That said for spoiler )

Despite the schmaltz of the beginning, I do love it. Stan Lee cameo'ing ("Nuff said), Venom looking shit scary, the Sandman making me dizzy. The CGI was awesome, the fights were awesome.
And poor poor Bruce Campbell. He was so hot! Why God, why!? Now he looks like he is morphing slowly into a shorter John Cleese. ~moop~

Also, I have the same phone as Mary Jane. Moreso, if you count the fact that she is entirely fictional and I am only partly so.

And the fangirl piece of my brain that never turns off found herself pondering the politics of being a superhero.
The fights are happening, you might die, heavy fucking machinery is being thrown around and... a load of fuck-witted civilians are watching you from a not so safe distance. And they've brought the kids. To watch people get twatted and possibly die. And they're not even covering their eyes.
I don't even know why that bothers me. Probably the same thing that makes me wonder if tv does desensitize. Would living in a city with superheros running around desensitize you more? Would you be more likely to wander past an accident or rape or mugging because you know there's someone there to clean up the mess?
Would they inspire you towards the better parts of our nature, or just towards apathy?
I need to think more about that. It's clumpy in my brain, but there's an actual thought in there and not just ramblage, I swear.

Also, I must delete the search term "Gibson Les Paul" from my e-bay vocabulary. It makes me a danger to my bank balance. The main problem for me is that playing a les paul is like making love to a beautiful woman... all curves and addicting.
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Went to see V for Vendetta last night.
Very good film, ok, yes they took a load out and messed with bits but over all it was possibly my favourite of all comic book adaptations.

Hugo Weaving was perfect as V. Exactly the voice I hear when reading the book. And did a very good job acting through the mask.
And Stephen Fry was in it! I love him and will shamelessly admit to having a bit of a crush on him and have done ever since I was a nipper watching Jeeves and Wooster (do I like men in waistcoats because of him, or do i like him because of the waistcoat?...) and also because he is freakishly smart. rowr!

On the topic of freedoms restricted check this out. The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill as of thursday had its second reading in the House of Parliament.
If you'd like a comparison as an example, think Enabling Act (which you may know from such events as the nazification of Germany, the annexing of the Sudetenland and the Holocaust.)

A summation of this bill is thus-
ministers will be given powers to amend any laws they like without the burden of parliamentary approval.

Here is a very good article about the bill.

Creepy no?

OK, I'm done being all political for now, so have a quiz

I'm which Classic Dame? )

Right now though I'm going to watch the sunrise from my window, its currently a gorgeous pale peach just over the horizon.
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How very.
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Hardy har har..

I've gone and gotten one of my housemates totally addicted to the Sandman comics.

Oh, fear me, I must spread the filth..

But seriously, everyone should read that comic. Even if its the only one they ever read.
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"In a sign of the growing importance of DVD sales to Hollywood, 20th Century Fox is considering a plan to resume production of Family Guy, a sometimes crude animated comedy that the Fox network took off the air more than 18 months ago.

As many as 35 new episodes could return in January 2005, marking the first time that a canceled series has been revived based on strong DVD demand and ratings in syndication.
Read more... )
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Oh the darkness of my soul...
Skippy, Skippy, Skippy the goth kangaroo

I love matazone, though it will never again touch its spicy brains greatness. :(
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Optimus Prime is heading on out to join the war against Ira, err, I mean Saddam.

Boy, he must be really worried now....
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