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Just watching the celebrities in limbo South Park ep.

My sister: Wait, why is Patric Swayze there?

Me:... He's dead.

My sister: Oh my God! When?

Me: Aaaages. Like, 18 months or something.

My sister: I thought he was getting better!

Also laughing at her a)complete lack of interest in Batman and b) her (completely appropriate (by which I mean completely inappropriate)) reaction to the Batsuite.

~le sigh~ @ Christian Bale. Just, ~le sigh~...

Also also, had a moment of complete relief when I looked down and realised I was wearing my Superman sleeping shorts and not my Batman ones. I guess that would have been too far even for me. I admit, it's nice to finally be hitting/finding my geek limits.
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I think I need a tag for the unintentionally sad and hilarious things my sister says.

(Following an conversation about the pronunciation of "strasse")

Dad: Ha! The SS. Leave the Nazis out of it!

Sister: What have the SS got to do with Nazis?

I don't even want to know what she thinks the SS is.
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My Dad: Castro's stepped down.

My Sister: Is that the guy with Northern Rock?


I wish I could make this stuff up.
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