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David Mitchell and Denise Roughan - Grey Funnel Line from the Making Losers Happy comp.
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I made a video! I am too excited by this.

I have more to put up, but YouTube taked forever. I don't know how people stand it.

(It's not amazing, the tracking isn't great and this is my first time taking vid that isn't of my sister sitting on the couch.)
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This song just makes me want to laugh and cry and kill and fuck and run for a hundred miles just to make my lungs a bloody raspy mess.
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Sister made snickerdoodles tonight. Shame the recipe didn't mention that they're biscuits and not cupcakes. Still, delicious.

Am scared of the snow. I love the snow with all my wintery loving mind, but what it has done to my new patient lists is enough to give me sweats. STOP FALLING OVER, OLD PEOPLE. Thank you.

Listening to this all evening. Lovely.
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Bad Things About Monday

♣ Not being in Berlin.

♣ Being late for the J Mascis and the Fog Gig.

♣ Having to leave the gig at 11 to get the last train.

♣ Having to walk away hearing everyone else cheering the band back on.

♣ Missing the last train home. Actually, getting to the bottom step just in time to watch it leave.

Good Things About Monday

♣ J. J. J. J being amazing and God and just omg.

♣ The rhythm section - "The Fog" - Dave Schools and Kyle Spence. Kyle Spence is totally cute and the drummer. Who even knew that was possible? Either way, they were tight and sweet. Lots of lovely little bass embellishments I've never heard/picked up on the cd's.

♣ The keycode on the "dressing room" not wanting to play and keeping everyone on the outside. Highly amusing watching grown men trying to kick a door in.

♣ That despite leaving late I still managed to catch the end of the opening act, and they were good. Just need to find out their name now.

♣ The way, when J would kick a switch, it felt like I was being driven over a hill too fast. Never ever had that happen at a gig before. Insane.

♣ Getting right in front of J being surprisingly (or not so, it's not a push to imagine most of the crowd were smarter than me) easy. 6 foot away from God. His arms actually are that nice. But his hands are amazing. He doesn't make it look easy, which would be forgiveable, he makes it look obvious, for which he is a rat bastard.

♣ the lung
blowing it
everybody lets me down
so what else is new
the wagon
and the others I can't remember.
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Listening to this...

Ahh, my sister has just been sent out to tell me to stop singing. Yeah, ability would be a fine thing.
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Sorry, but this just makes me happy.
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I love the Love version of this song, but I found this Calexico v. a couple of days ago and have just been completely addicted ever since.
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Valentine to my Flist.

Also, Happy Belated Birthday [ profile] jenbachand, I hope you had a great day for a great person.
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Had this, in head, all day. Long day.
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Pissed off with work - had email saying that topday was a non-uniform day, so I made like I've been used to doing with jeans and top only to get in to be told that "non-uniform" actually means "you can wear a different top". I wasn't the only one, but seriously.

Anyway, time to concentrate on the serious stuff.

Santa has just gone past me on a motorbike (cruiser - I approve). Yes, he wears a helmet.
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