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Cultural Saturday Pics

On saturday everyone wanted to go to a shopping complex called Woodbury Common. I thought that if I had to go I might end up in jail So, took myself off to the Natural History Museum, the Guggenheim and the Frick collection instead.
Nobody died.

I actually had a great time in the Guggenheim. Fantastic fun. You walk all the way up to the top and then wind your way down. It spirals around the walls like a shell and has all kinds of stuff going on along the "corridor".

Guggenheim )

Unfortunately, you're not allowed cameras, phones or bags above the first level, so this is all I have. In the Frick you only can't take your coat in, but it was full of people doing the walk up to painting, step away from paintint, squitn at painting and look like you're having a bad day dance so I didn't like to take pictures. It was very lovely too though.

Natural History Museum )
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