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Caution, may be triggering.

With No Immediate Cause <b> -Ntosake Shange )

I think about programmes on tv, and books I've read in the university libraries about the feminism of the 70's and 80's and how they were so angry and revolutionaries, and they asked awkward questions and set up communities that excluded men and there is so much power there. These women were going to chage the world.

Last night before bed I was channel hopping and caught a bit of a discussion show, the topic being that 7 out of 10 Uk women thought being called a feminist was an insult and that women and men had equality.

And i was so depressed by it.

We don't have equality. We have more than we had, but still less than we should.
All we have today is Cosmo and Vogue with the gratuitous article about how women are strong because now they can have the tips to give the perfect blowjob and oh! look! prettie shoesies and make-up!!
Women today are the victims of a campaign of miseducation and misdirection.
On one hand we're given examples of women who have it all and on the other these same women are demonised as not being 'feminine'and 'ball-breakers' and bad wives. The first example that comes to mind here is Madonna. This woman has worked her ass off for 20 years to be the best, the most visible, the first. And what does she get? Oh look- she's spending more time with her producer than her husband! What a bad wife and mother, how dare she put time into her career!
We're divided and conquered and pacified and still the lesser sex.
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UK news: Judges told: slash jail terms for rapists

· Row over new violent crime guidelines
· Sex assault sentences cut by 15 per cent

Jail sentences for rapists are to be slashed under controversial new guidelines for judges revealed just days before an official campaign against rape is launched by the government. In a move which critics warned would deter traumatised women from reporting sex crimes, the Sentencing Guidelines Council (SGC) is to recommend that future sentences for rape and other sexual offences be cut by 15 per cent for most offenders. ),,1729136,00.html

I know its completely horrendous of me, but a part of me wishes that every member of that coucil in some way comes to experience the absolute destructive horror of rape.

And to add a little context, here is a picture of the coucil 10 men and two women. (The third lady is a secretary apparently.

OK, it is an independant advisory body, but how in the world can you justify shortening a rape sentence because well, jails harder now.... Christ.

*On the 1 in 20 women raped, it is estimated that 1 in 4 women experience some form of sexual abuse.
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