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I forgot about these. As usual, sub-par photograpy inside. I make no apologies for it, just a note to let you know that I took all the images that really made me dizzy out.

Also, I seem to have fixated on the Astrological Clock. I don't know why, but it was cool.

The Astrological Clock. I liked this. )
The bottom half of the clock has the days of the year written around it. And when the hour strikes there are some little "men" (not pictured) that come out of doors and move. Of a night crowds would gather to watch it.

A really cool building front. That is St. Wensleslas on there. He's very big in Prague. )

We visited much more cool stuff, but I forgot to pack a memory card, so other than the really bad ones I had to delete, these are all the photos I have.

My sister let me take a picture of The Synagogue where the Golum lives* using her camera though, so that was cool. Maybe one day I'll be able to get hold of those photos.

(*I touched it. My geek-heart still beats a little giddy beat about that. Yeah, I think I need to get a life too. God help me if I ever get to Venice. That was the pavement! I licked it!...)
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