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Went to see V for Vendetta last night.
Very good film, ok, yes they took a load out and messed with bits but over all it was possibly my favourite of all comic book adaptations.

Hugo Weaving was perfect as V. Exactly the voice I hear when reading the book. And did a very good job acting through the mask.
And Stephen Fry was in it! I love him and will shamelessly admit to having a bit of a crush on him and have done ever since I was a nipper watching Jeeves and Wooster (do I like men in waistcoats because of him, or do i like him because of the waistcoat?...) and also because he is freakishly smart. rowr!

On the topic of freedoms restricted check this out. The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill as of thursday had its second reading in the House of Parliament.
If you'd like a comparison as an example, think Enabling Act (which you may know from such events as the nazification of Germany, the annexing of the Sudetenland and the Holocaust.)

A summation of this bill is thus-
ministers will be given powers to amend any laws they like without the burden of parliamentary approval.

Here is a very good article about the bill.

Creepy no?

OK, I'm done being all political for now, so have a quiz

I'm which Classic Dame? )

Right now though I'm going to watch the sunrise from my window, its currently a gorgeous pale peach just over the horizon.
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I had such an awful dream last night, you know the type. A gift you'll never get in this reality is handed over and bound to you.
Its beautiful an light and fills you with such joy, and then you wake.
And reality is just that bit more harsher, that bit more cruel.
And you never want to dream that way again, would rather confine it to flying and your school really being a temple which is actually really a spaceship.
I hate those dreams.

I want to beat someone.
That is all.
I walk around town today I see people, they kill me. A frustration wells up within me and then rides just beneath the surface for the rest of the day, night, year.
But I don't really want to beat someone up, I just do.
To feel bones connect, hear flesh slap, see blood well. It lives in the muscles of my back, my arms, it climbs the back of my legs. It uncoils.
I want to destroy something, but I think it is probably myself.
I hate all these people for the mundanity of their lives, the little things that give them pleasure, the comfort they take in their steady job, two cars, two kids and a mortgage and it just snaps something inside of me.
And I know that that is completely unfair, due to the way in which life works out for the majority of people, these things are luxuries, items that give a status and security and I shouldn't hate someone because they settled.
And I don't hate them.
I hate myself because that is my destiny due to my fear and apathy and inability to trust myself over to fate.

I need to get out of myself.
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