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Aaaaand all the respect I had for Patric Moore dies a horrible death. I used to love him when I was a kid, watching the Sky at Night was a treat because it was on so late.

Eccentric astronomer Sir Patrick Moore has claimed that TV is worse today because the BBC is run by women.

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Seriously, this house is little more than an asylum.
Last night after a couple of martinis and an absolutely BLAZING row with my parents over a misunderstanding about her boyfriend my sister packed her neon pink suitcase and proceeded to try to leave home. At half 11 at night. In her pyjama bottoms and a hoodie. Despite that fact that she had no where to go.
She got to the top of the street before I convinced her to come back and merely plot my parents deaths instead.
But when we got inside, my father was waiting. And another BLAZING row ensued. I seriously was plotting where my baseball bat was in relation to myself before he went away. Not that I think he'd ever harm her, just that he can really be frightening when he gets all mad like that. Because he never gets mad like that.
So I ran away, and sat on Sankey Valley and watched the bats for half an hour.
And then I got some soup from the chippy to have an excuse to have been out and keep their insanity away from me.

I know its mean, but even though when I got back they'd worked it all out and where friends again, I really really want to not be living here atm. I'm not used to having my movements questioned, and having 'privilidges' revoked at thier whims. Also their problems with my 'attitiude' are wearing thin, and I seriously will start to give them attitiude if thats what they really want- God help them.

But yeah, they're insane, she's insane and I fear for my self.
Ha, and they wonder why I never bring people home...

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Ever hear the one about the girl who was feeling very cute and authoritative in her new authoritative shirt (you know the kind, makes you want to buy a truncheon to rape random males with) and as she was standing at the busstop with a random male, a car cam past and hit the buggering puddle that ever car before him had manged not to drive right through the middle of, and completely soaked the two kindof heroes of the tale.

And lemme tell you, this was a SOAKING.

And so it is with great sadness in my heart that I hearby call jihad on all drivers. I know I know some, indeed some are ever related to me, but I must now destroy you all and put an end to random soakings by puddle.


BTW, I'm still going out, and I'm still gonna be damn sexy. Take more than a damn four wheeler to put me down.
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