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Not safe for work, or weak consititutions.
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♣ Thanks to everyone for Birthday wishes. Big thanks to [ profile] jenbachand for the cake and [ profile] countlibido for the movie.

♣ Last night during some vital research on Anton Du Beke (signed photo for my sister for x-mas - possible?) my foot fell asleep and I tried to stand on it. Bending my foot completely under and putting nearly all my (not unconsiderable) weight on it. It woke me up this morning and right now I can barely stand on it.

♣ And as of 5 minutes ago, now has tickets to see David Tennant (and Captain Pickard!!) doing Hamlet in August next year. He is tru majestix. (Also, RSC only charge 75p p&p. I now weep to think of all the money I wasted on ticket lines and masters respectively.)
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♣ Not working wednesday. They can go fuck a stump.

♣ I think I'm about ready to take back everything mean I have ever said about All Creatures Great and Small. At 6 in the morning and after being awake for about 28 hours, it's actually quite hilarious. Even if the editing still does suck.

♣ I spent all of yesterday sky-plussing Pride and Prejudice (even I am not immune to a soaking Colin Firth) only to delete the last episode 17 minutes before the end. I could have cried. But my mood was restored by my sister telling me about what she was watching last night. It was "silly, but not stupid. We were all crying. It was really good." I'm amazed that not only did my sister sit through all of The Importance of Being Earnest, but that she actually liked it. It's exactly the type of thing she normally runs a mile from without even trying.

♣ Have a serious craving for nozze e spaghetti pomodorino.

♣ Watching the Secret Policemans Ball the other night confused me. Really, Mighty Boosh, do you honestly think that an Amnesty International event is the place to be making jokes about rape? OK, giant rabbits are funny. But a sketch about giant rabbit rape right before Jeremy Irons comes to talk to us about sexual violence? Rape isn't funny ever. Even the word. If it was obviously set up to contrast it, that's one thing. But it wasn't done obviously. Just enough to make me go ~whuh?~

♣ Am still conflicted on whether or not to sign up for the OU Astronomy short course. It's only short yes, but the last time I touched science was for my GCSE's so far back in the mists of time.

♣ Have gotten out of going to my sisters leaving meal at work. Feel slightly guilty, but am more concerned with making someone go to Blackpool with me to watch the lights get turned on.

♣ My body's been confusing me with a load of impulses about going back to work. I thought I was coming down with something until I realised that it's almost September and a liftime of termtime has institutionalised me...

♣ This is the best thing I have ever seen.*

But my sister has just lost points by asking "Is it alive?"

(*slight exaggeration, but not much)
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♣ Today I had my first meeting at the job center. Basically, the environment around me was made intolerable by my Father (who doesn't understand that 2007 is not 1970) so I went and signed on. So now I am getting job seekers and today was the first time I was called to account for my attempts at finding employment. The meeting (20 mins with a nice man) was fine. The waiting room depressed the hell out of me. I swear, I have never seen so many teen parents (and I have to say, not a single teenage mum was there without a teenage dad or equivalent thereof) or people in tracksuit bottoms. And I live in Warrington!

Either way, I felt the yoke of govermental interferance tightening about my neck. And I think you all know what my first reaction to that is. :(

If you're interested, I managed 15 whole days of uninterfered with unemployment. And naturally, on the day I got signed on, work rang up asking if I could work friday...

Finally (and I mean it was looong overdue) closed all my shAbbey accounts. I got £2 interest. As a reward for getting off my ass, Santa left a fiver for me in the street.

♣ Warrington Library has biographies of fucking Terry Wogan and Richard Wilson but do they have a Wilde? No. That would be suspiciously close to culture. ~grumph!~ Actually, they had a good couple on Yeats that I want to check out, but I had already picked up a tonne of books and physically couldn't have managed it. Got a Feynman book, a beginners Latin, Tipping The Velvet, one about the mystery of latitude and a good couple of WW1 books. About 3 were not the size and weight of bricks.

♣ Fresh from their holidays, my Dad surprised me with a gift! Yay! "I got you one of those Che Guevara t-shirts". I'm sure you're all thinking much along the same lines I was. Green t-shirt, stirring silhouette of aforementioned revolutionary... Nay. The front is a garishly air-brushed full colour rendering of the man with "Ernesto "Che" Guevara" and his dates emblazoned along the bottom. The back is the same, but in greyscale. Naturally, I love it. Or in front of my dad I do at least.

♣ This weekend, when not indulging my unholy love of Stephen Fry (seriously, I really think too much Jeeves and Wooster as a child is where my taste for big men and waistcoats comes from) I was indulging in some Wilde. Specifically, I've managed to read De Profundis about 5 times and only once in the proper manner. I keep getting so far in and then returning to the beginning convinced that I'm not reading it with the due care and attention it requires. Such a beautiful piece of writing.

♣ Has anyone on here done any Open University courses? There are a couple that I'm giving serious consideration to (especially in the context of working and the long term implications of such a state) but am wary of because it's been a while since I've been academic in any way.

♣ Tonight I have Bill Hicks - First Rock and Roll Comic on Radio2 and then Jude straight after. Why did I never find Chris Eccleston this hot when he was the Doctor and thus available to me every week? Still, I do now, and that's the important bit.

♣ That was a bit more than I thought I was going to write. Todays post was brought to you by the letter E, the number 5 and these words from my sponsor.

"Hard work is simply the refuge of people who have nothing whatever to do." - Wilde
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There's a bit of a design flaw in there, isn't there. Just a teeny one.
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Help Me.

May. 9th, 2007 05:37 pm
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So I have a terrible bag addiction. But the most awful fate has befallen me. Stupid e-bay.

£35 all in.


£17 all in.

The Darth bag is bigger by 2 inches lengthways but Batman is my comicbook boyfriend. I hate choice. :(

Due to some perceived betrayal (I went without her) my sister took great delight in telling me that my Spiderman company would no longer be required. And I rejoiced, because I still haven't fully digested the last show.

So God fucks me up and makes the people she was going with decide to go to a showing she can't make. And I get to (be her geek excuse) escort her at the weekend. ~groo~
I hate that I feel that way about the film. It was enjoyable, it's just so damn heavy.

I'm currently addicted to Shiela by Jamie T. The only reason I caught it was due to confusion over Bob Hoskins being in a music video. But it ear-wormed me. :(

Oh when my love, my darling,
You've left me here alone,
I'll walk the streets of London
Which once seemed all our own.
The vast suburban churches
Together we have found:
The ones which smelt of gaslight
The ones in incense drowned.
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[ profile] count_libido is a happy man, he gets to go in to work and tell them he spent his bank holiday in the service of a much younger woman. :p

OK, letting me mooch off his mad phat driving skillz, but yanno...

SPIDERMAN feels kind of bloated. And not the sexy bloat of a recent corpse, but the pms-y slow you down, makes you cry and your pants not fit bloat. Half an hour cut out of it would have made it much sleeker and sharper without losing any necessary info. That said for spoiler )

Despite the schmaltz of the beginning, I do love it. Stan Lee cameo'ing ("Nuff said), Venom looking shit scary, the Sandman making me dizzy. The CGI was awesome, the fights were awesome.
And poor poor Bruce Campbell. He was so hot! Why God, why!? Now he looks like he is morphing slowly into a shorter John Cleese. ~moop~

Also, I have the same phone as Mary Jane. Moreso, if you count the fact that she is entirely fictional and I am only partly so.

And the fangirl piece of my brain that never turns off found herself pondering the politics of being a superhero.
The fights are happening, you might die, heavy fucking machinery is being thrown around and... a load of fuck-witted civilians are watching you from a not so safe distance. And they've brought the kids. To watch people get twatted and possibly die. And they're not even covering their eyes.
I don't even know why that bothers me. Probably the same thing that makes me wonder if tv does desensitize. Would living in a city with superheros running around desensitize you more? Would you be more likely to wander past an accident or rape or mugging because you know there's someone there to clean up the mess?
Would they inspire you towards the better parts of our nature, or just towards apathy?
I need to think more about that. It's clumpy in my brain, but there's an actual thought in there and not just ramblage, I swear.

Also, I must delete the search term "Gibson Les Paul" from my e-bay vocabulary. It makes me a danger to my bank balance. The main problem for me is that playing a les paul is like making love to a beautiful woman... all curves and addicting.
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40 Questions Meme from [ profile] phdelicious
Knowing me and knowing you... aha )

Also, I'm really happy. My sister just got a letter confirming her place on a Foundation to Health Science course at Liverpool Uni. When she passes it she can go on to the university's Radiology course.

My Mums new idea is that I should go back to uni. It's patently obvious at this point that professional student is the role I should take as I'm never going to be any use. But she dreams of me going to Liverpool (where she is taking her bad religion degree) and laughs at the thought of my Dad having to live with three students.
If I did go back, I would be gone. I like big cities and not living with my family too much.
Besides, the thought of still being a student at 28 kind of makes me feel funny and not funny ha-ha.
I'm failing the working world, so where is there left to go but school. Or the Army. But I'd probably shoot anyone who tried to give me orders.

I go now to seek Blood Letting on dvd.
Recommend me Horror B-movies I have a taste for them right now.

If you founded a religion...
Created by EvilAuthor on

The Knights of the New Republic

Your followers are a cloistered population,

who seldom speak to outsiders,

who work for a living just like everybody else,

who are free and fun loving,

and who do not obsess overmuch about their beliefs.

Your followers wear whatever they want.

Your followers are

growing in numbers (over 10 thousand),

and they don't interfere with the beliefs of outsiders.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
Who would be able to join your religion?

Funnily enough, starting a religion is pretty much the only thing I'm kind of qualified to do.
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When you have this?

The Man Pillow.

I think I will stick with Nathan Lamb. Much less traumatic.
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Variations on the Word Sleep

I would like to watch you sleeping,
which may not happen.
I would like to watch you,
sleeping. I would like to sleep
with you, to enter
your sleep as its smooth dark wave
slides over my head

and walk with you through that lucent
wavering forest of bluegreen leaves
with its watery sun & three moons
towards the cave where you must descend,
towards your worst fear
I would like to give you the silver
branch, the small white flower, the one
word that will protect you
from the grief at the center
of your dream, from the grief
at the center.
I would like to follow
you up the long stairway
again & become
the boat that would row you back
carefully, a flame
in two cupped hands
to where your body lies
beside me, and you enter
it as easily as breathing in

I would like to be the air
that inhabits you for a moment
only. I would like to be that unnoticed
& that necessary.

- Margaret Atwood.
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Quote of the night - "OOoooh! You have shoes!"

Went out with Ginger Nick and Hussein to a birthday drink. Played some pool (badly) and was recognied by a girl who used to go to my school (we were in an extra curricular group together- doesn't make being recognised any nicer), and had a nice talk with french Nick about feeling caught between two cultures (him) and relationships and the merits of womens darts vs womens snooker .
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i have no direction in life. this is my curse.
except for towards the fridge and sausage sellers.

french nick gave me his sausages before he left. i think i love him.

I can go to a party tomorrow or i can go home and start christmas, but i'm very lazy.

which is a bad thing as i should be doing Certain Things that i'm just not.

I cleaned the kitchen last night when everyone was out. it was so clean several people got scared and disorientated.

My hoover is broked.

And i've just eaten a packet of salami.

I am suffering from a general sense of uslesness. and crushiness. both of which are bad.

part of my lower lip is tingling. and i can't find my Buffy TVS album.
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Care Bear Carnage!

Oh, and have recently been turned on to Arthur Lee and the Love band. Anyone on here heard of them?
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I'm covering all the bases today...

Went to see Cabin Fever last night with [ profile] kingginger, the only words to possibly describe it are 'fucked up' as indeed it was described as several times last night. Or possbily Blair Witch- The Comedy.
But am now sporting a rather nicely intensely painful bruise on my neck/shoulder as a result.
Of last night that is, not the movie.

Woke up this morning with a head full of the stuff.
my throat is nicely raw and closing up also.
I may go eat rather than go to my lectures incase it closes up so far food becomes merely a tool to mock me with..

I can still drink, so thqts ok, but now I have to wear my scarf, which I hate.

I'll spare you the details. Suffice it to say I'm not a baby momma this month.
Or ever, should my luck hold out.
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Natal Horoscope for 12 Oct 1982
The day is 3 Ollin - Motion

The sign of Ollin is motion, which applies to the movement of the ground caused by earthquakes. It implies the instability and varying fortune associated with earth movements.

The presiding deity is Xolotl, a mysterious deity who represents the darker side of the planet Venus. Just as Quetzalcoatl represents the brighter side of this planet, so Xolotl represents the opposite of the attributes given to him. Xolotl is therefore represented as symbolising ignorance and deep unconscious thoughts, whilst Quetzalcoatl represents the wind of intelligence blowing through the mind.

The person born on this day is unstable and prone to sudden violence. Mental illness could result if they inherit the evil nature of the presiding deity, but this is by no means certain.

Like the planet Venus, they will have a good side to their nature but this will tend to remain concealed, creating a bad impression for this person.

The week is 1 Cuauhtli - Eagle

The presiding deity is Xochiquetzal, the Most Precious Flower. She is goddess of love, pregnancy, fertility, manual and domestic skills. At the same time however, she represents both beautiful and ugly sections of life in her other role as the goddess of death.

People born during this week will be passionate and clever, making ideal partners for marriage. The chances are that they will be of exceptional ability in manual skills, with a tendency towards the arts. They will also go from extremes of temperament, making them very uncertain individuals to understand. They can be warm and tender one minute, but very quick to rouse and with a fearful temper.

It is said that men will be brave, easily flattered, but a little overbearing, whilst women will be beautiful, deceitful and have a very unpredictable temperament. Both can be very fond of gambling in some form or other, but this is by no means certain.


Oct. 7th, 2003 12:08 pm
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Year of the Dog begins on 25 January 1982 and ends on 12 February 1983

Here is your Chinese Birth reading

You were born in the year of the Dog. This year is known for being a mixed one of both good and bad fortune. It is a year for a happy home life but confrontation with the outside world. It is not a good year for money dealings but rather one in which we should reflect on the more idealistic side of life. All these characteristics are shown in your Dog personality. You are a very likeable person having a warm charisma and showing loyal devotion to friends and family. Something in your nature always makes you respond when someone needs help. You are utterly dependable. Once you have made a friend you stick to them through thick and thin. You are also attractive to others both physically and mentally. So long as someone is straight with you, you find them easy to get on with as you are not too demanding and are prepared to make allowances for them. You are not easily roused to take strong action unless you feel threatened or provoked, but when you do bound into action you stick at things until you get your own way. Your morals and sense of right are strong and it is when you see these under attack that you most often get stirred into action. Money is not a great concern of yours. You prefer working with people rather than in commerce. Although you are an amiable person, people find it quite difficult to get to know you well, as whenever anyone gets too close or tries to pry into your private life your defences come up and you become secretive. When you dislike people, your sharp tongue soon gets them off your back and they rarely bother you any more. But you are a great judge of character and your dislike is seldom misplaced. Sometimes your outlook is a little too pessimistic although your nose for trouble is often justified. In close relationships you get on very well with Tiger, Rabbit and Horse personalities and make good friends and colleagues with Monkey, Snake, Rat, Pig and Dog types. The most difficult relationships are with Dragon, Sheep and Cockerels when you should tread carefully.

Your birth element is water. The water element is the one that adds communication skills and sensitivity to your animal signs. In most cases this is beneficial as it makes you someone who finds it easy to get your way without causing too much fuss. How can you manage this? By being receptive to other people's ideas you find out what makes people tick. Once you have mastered their inner workings you find it a simple step to put across your ideas in a manner which makes them feel naturally sympathetic to your way of thinking. But this does not mean that you are cunning. Far from it, the ability to pick up the mood of the moment and to notice small details that others miss, means that you find it easier than most to see where your creative potential can be best used. The water element particularly helps you when you are up against those people whose energy is so powerful that most people feel dominated. You are the one who can wear down even the strongest with your constant effort. On the negative side, your fluidity can make you rather changeable, going with the wind when you have no firm opinions. You need to have the determination to use your powers of persuasion to release your full potential. In love, the water element is very useful. Your sensitivity adds romance and deep understanding to any relationship, assets which nearly always help to ensure that your relationships are longer lasting and more fulfilling.
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Take my uterus, please?


But the chickens take my pain aways....

Read more... )
Oh, and my sister has dumped her deadbeat :)
Too late for me though, he's sold the phone she gave him, the phone she would have given to me. Grrr.
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